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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Joseph Foster: America Needs a Real CEO! - Trump?

By Joseph Foster
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America today is mired in failure and declining due to decades of poor leadership attributable to both political parties. We do not need politicians that held public office in the past to be elected as President.

What we need is successful business person of the likes of Trump, or Ross Perrot and others to come forward that never now or in the past held political office. America today is like a sick corporate entity that is on the verge of Bankruptcy and needs a CEO to turn that company around to the path of success.

Although that great Investment guru Warren Buffett once said, he does not believe a dying company could be turned around; he said that most never get to be turned around. I believe the issue is different, we need a strong President that is focused on how to return prosperity back to America, and it can be done when such President when elected ignores politics for his reelection and focus on the fundamental issues that must be addressed.

Here are some; in light of the changing world the U.S. has lost its monopoly in manufactured goods, how does the U.S. address this issue, and how to re Industrialize America.

Large trade deficits must be taken very seriously and correction be made to bring into balance a fair trade policy.

The U.S. once the wealthiest nation on earth and enjoyed a sound balance sheet, no longer hold this position, the question is how can that be turned around. The once wealthiest nation with low deficit that is no more, how could the U.S. Now mired in red ink afford to continue to be the police man of the world?

Its health care has to be amongst the civilized world to be rated as the most expensive and inefficient health care program, it fumbles from one program to another; there is no country on earth where a hospital can charge a patient $25.00 for a bucket of Ice.

The current $350 billion cost for Medi care is not being spent on the patient health care, a large portion of that money goes to high profit for the merchant of health, and some of the cost is money lost by fraud where the doctor prescribes unnecessary medical checkups. Another high cost factor to doctors and hospitals is medical mal-practice Insurance, brought about by unnecessary lawsuits that enriches attorneys, when tort reform law was introduced it never pass, since it is opposed by the American Bar Association.

The new President must scrap all existing health care plan and adopted a health care program as practiced and tried over 60 years in Western Europe. Now our neighbor to the North, Canada has finally addressed the issue.

The new President has to take our broken border issue very seriously; it cannot open the gates for the mass of the poor flowing from many countries in South America. Legal immigration, I'm all for - yes, but not illegals flooding the country.

A strong President has to attack the issue of lobbying in Washington it corrupts the government; politicians are unduly influenced to do what favors the interest of the lobbyist master that employs them.

Our foreign aid programs must not be used to have corrupt leaders support us because they are being paid to do so.

The burden of our defense budget must be shared by those that we protect. Are Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan, contributing to our defense budget, why not?

America’s mindset sometimes caused America to badly overreach, as it did in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya.

When a Nation refuses to accept its limitation, it continues its quest with disregard to its financial ability to carry a burden that its citizen cannot afford to pay.

Some political analyst now put into question western policy towards Libya as hypocritical. How can the west defend Libyans from oppression while tolerating repression in Bahrain and Syria?

As to Obama specifically, when he was elected on a promise of change to the American people I for one conceive that the two useless wars Iraq and Afghanistan that was started by his predecessor would be put to an end, he labeled the Iraq War rightfully as flawed, but was unable to see that the Afghanistan war is also flawed, instead he did what Johnson did in Vietnam -send more troops! The two wars by my estimate has cost close to two trillion dollars both of these wars are also supported by the Republican and Democrat parties.

When the budget is now over stretched to the point of bankruptcy some pundits are advocating cuts to the most vulnerable citizens that are retired and on fixed income, the voice goes out to cut Medi care or Medic-aid, the next shall be the food stamps that the poor use for survival, but no word is made about cuts in defense spending. Pat Buchanan whom I support proposes that we get all of our troops home and secure the U.S. border from all enemies that may approach our shores, our politicians must accept the cold war is over and we do not need to extend our military force in Europe, the EEC countries are capable in protecting their country, moreover Russia which was their greatest threat is now focus on making money.

The rag tag Army in Afghanistan is not about to invade Europe nor are they about to invade the U.S. mainland, and terrorist activity can be suppressed.

Trump, as a business man, the guy is obviously not a politician, expressed my sentiment, when he said what have we gained from the Iraq war? Now that oil is at $108.00, is the regime in Iraq which we placed in Bagdad offering to sell the U.S. oil at a discount perhaps at $50.00 per barrel, hell no!

In my earlier article due to racial issues, I predicted that Obama may be reelected, now I have my doubt, if things do not improve he may end up as a one term President. Trump has not fully committed himself to run for President if he does and make a down payment on his election campaign of some $600 million, and with other added contributions he may top Obama’s projected election budget of one billion dollars.

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