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Monday, April 25, 2011


Joseph Foster, Author, ‘’Destruction of America", subtitled "Stand up for America’ ’Release date May 2012
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In response to a head line news Taliban Break More Than 450 Out of Afghan Prison, here are my comments;

The Afghanistan war was labeled as Bush war now it is labeled as Obama war. Obama did not listen to the Russian Generals that were there and left, perhaps Obama did not read about the British that were there before the Russians and they left.

My grandson served two years in the U.S Army in Afghanistan thank God he is back and alive. Here is what he said we go on patrol and sometimes we are ambushed by twenty Taliban fighters, they kill some of our soldiers, the process goes on and on, many of his close buddies on such patrols were killed, the Taliban rag tag Army are trained to point their bullets in the area of the unprotected part of the body.

Our budget is strained and we are talking about perhaps cutting benefits to our seniors. Our mission was to capture Bin Laden that mission has not been accomplished

How on earth will you give notice to this criminal that we are coming to get you, it should have been a covert operation and not an invasion.

Are we prepared to spend trillions of dollars in an attempt to convert a people that prefer to die, for they are promised that upon their death they will go to heaven? We have thus far lost trillion dollars plus the loss of American dead in a useless war that does not benefit the United States.

Some of the Afghanistan Army and Police we train turn their guns on our troops; we have been told time and time again that the Government in Kabul is for the most part corrupt.

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