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Friday, April 8, 2011

Joseph Foster: Washington Fools Game

By Joseph Foster
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Washington Fools Game Perpetrated on the American People

Bob:  valid comments about how some of our politicians view budgets, if many of these politicians were employees of a corporation they will be fired for incompetence.

Here are some salient facts;
The debt ceiling has been raised 74 times since 1962-with 10 of those increases coming in the last 10 years.

In 1917 it was $11.5 billion. Today it’s $14.204 trillion, perhaps higher. Based on the latest report our politicians in Capitol Hill are struggling to cut government spending by perhaps $40 billion a drop in a bucket, this comes to approximately a cut in the budget by 0.23%.

They have you fooled that they out to cutting spending, we hear all sorts of rhetoric from politicians that want us to believe they are slugging it out to cut spending.

Once the debate is over, and the debt ceiling is approved, both parties will continue business as usual, in approving all sorts of entitlement, used to buy more votes, financial favors and other pet projects, finally in the not long distance future, the apoplectic event of the collapse of the U.S. dollar will occur, at that point all hell will break loose and hyperinflation will fall upon us like a Tsunami destroying the financial well beings of millions of our citizen.

Many investors have begun to take gold very seriously and by the latest news both Gold and Silver are going higher.

The events of history gives us a glimpse as to the future of America, which at present is in a decline mode, the decline was brought upon by a government that the American people have elected during the past three or four decades, it has become mired to serve special interest group.

The American voters has become confused for they lack for the most part knowledge in politics, and fall for one line spin, some of the voters are labeled flag waivers, these group support more defense spending, The liberal segment of our population take the view and expect the government to give the people more social benefit without the knowledge or care where the money will come from, Another group of voters that consider themselves conservatives, they want the government to cut spending, but when you ask should the defense budget be cut most of them will say no, reason being these group are influenced by big money that flows to a conservative candidate, other support come from frightened Americans, some are poor that have been duped that some enemy, is about to invade the U.S. Now both Democrats and Republicans share the same view as to defense spending and both support our continuous role as the policeman of the world.

Remember during the Vietnam War if Vietnam falls all of south East Asia will become communist. Then what should be cut, some say perhaps the entitlement program, bear in mind these group that advocate cuts are not currently recipients of social benefit. Many are perhaps under 40 years of age a long way before they become eligible for social security benefit. Medical care the most bungled up agenda in American politics, it divides the voters, those that currently enjoy good benefits provided by their employer would like no change, those that do not have generous medical benefit want change, at one time the seniors also wants no change, but that attitude is begin to change since they are now reaching out more and more from their savings to supplement their medical cost.

Another group of Americans that are tied to the American medical system, which includes the drug manufactures, Doctors, nurses, and other sectors that serve the business of the American medical sector wants no change. Why would you want a change if you are a Doctor that the present system  cause you to earn from $250 K up to perhaps two million per annum.

Today the U.S. “Empire” is undergoing a tectonic shift of gravity, similar to that experienced by Great Britain that lost its empire after WW11 and the shift of that empire and economic power went to the U.S.  America today is facing some dramatic shift to Asian economic powers such as China and India. The America dollar is facing a major devaluation at one time the value of the U.S. dollar was higher than the Canadian dollar, that has now changed the Canadian dollar is now stronger than the U.S. dollar.

Some investment gurus lump all of the European currency as the Euro and are predicting that currency will decline, it will decline but not to the same extent as the dollar. As to UK, it made the wisest decision many years ago, by not joining the Euro and has held on to its currency the British pound.

In terms of Euro, I rate the British pound as the strongest of all of the European currencies. Here is why, Cameron has begun to apply draconian cuts which caused 250,000 people to protest. UK debt ratio to GDP is lower than the U.S. At one time Republicans stood for sound fiscal policy that today is history, they support lower taxes but high spending they like the Democrats are now both labeled as big spenders.

The Tea Party supports low spending and low taxes but are addicted to high military spending, they wave the flag in a fervent manner ready to charge the troops for perhaps another war, they were ready to have our troops face the Russian Army during the Georgia episode. They were finally silenced by our defense secretary Bill Gates.

For every change that any political leader may espouse there will be opposition, in a totalitarian regime those that oppose the tyrant to change are executed, in our democracy change may occur if the President elected is Powerful as a leader, the abolishing of slavery was opposed by the main stream of American politics, yet Lincoln stood firm to his believe that slavery was un just, that opposition by Lincoln created the civil war.

Discrimination which was part of the American culture remained for over two hundred years, Martin Luther King aroused the African American to demonstrate, but without the willingness of a white president LBJ, no change will be made, perhaps if LBJ had refused in time the peaceful demonstration which King advocated based on Gandhi teaching, would cease to be based on Gandhi’s concept and change its direction to that espoused by the Irish Republican Army method of protest by terrorist method.

A powerful President once elected will pay no attention to being reelected for a second term. He will forge ahead with his agenda and meet all opposition face on; he will have the ability to convince those that oppose him that America is on the path to making what is wrong... right.

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