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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Joseph Foster: Obama and CIA Secret Exposed

By Joseph Foster
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Obama and CIA Secret Exposed
News source China, and direct from Middle East informants.

I could not vouch for the accuracy of the report I am merely presenting information I received from some of my contacts in the Middle East and China.

Here is what was reported a group of Pakistan military officers knows where Bin Laden has been hiding, they told the CIA that they will reveal his hiding place on condition that the $25 million put on offer by the US is increased and upon them revealing his hideaway the US shall fund each officer in his private Swiss Bank account his share of the payment. The CIA agreed,  It was presented to Obama and he then decided to implement the plan on condition that he never reveal that it was obtained from Pakistan military officers, the Pakistan government also pretended it did not know where Bin Laden was hiding and they will  conduct an investigation.  The Taliban knew it was the Pakistani that led Obama to the Bin Laden home, for this reason the Taliban meted a punishment on Pakistan military by killing over 80 Pakistani cadets and injured many.

Pakistan high military officers are divided and some are saying this is not our war, but the war of America and Israel.

After the incident the highest military officer in Pakistan was to meet Gates to discuss how Pakistan will further help the US military effort against the Taliban, the meeting was cancelled by the Pakistani general and many in the Pakistani regime are worried that in time the Pakistani military may topple the Pakistani government. The majorities of the Pakistani population are against their government in getting involved in America war against the Taliban, and want Pakistan to stay out of the dispute. Karzai in Kabul has repeatedly told the Americans that Pakistan is not fully engaged in the war of terror.

Afghanistan has humbled two super powers it is a war that will never end until the invaders withdraw as the Russians and the British, it is the most ideal terrain for guerilla war, it has spread to Pakistan and the Taliban will never run out of recruits. The 67 tribes will never get together to form a government by democratic means. Thus far the war has cost the US 350 billion dollars and thousands of innocent lives. The Taliban’s have meted their revenge in a twin suicide attack on Pakistan military cadet killing over 80 and causing injuries to many.

The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility Friday for suicide attacks on a military training facility, saying they were carried out in retaliation for the killing of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

The twin suicide bombings killed at least 80 people, nearly all of them military recruits who had just completed their training, said Bashir Ahmad Bilour, a senior provincial minister. About 140 others were wounded.

Another bomb shell Mubarak kept his support for Israel because he was put on the US payroll to the tune of billions, which is now over, Israel is now disturbed that for the first time after Mubarak has gone there are now thousands of Egyptian demonstrating for the Palestinian.

Trump bomb shell In his New Hampshire speech what Trump said was exactly what I said two months ago in my internet article published.

The Maliki regime in Iraq is developing very friendly and close relationship with Iran to avoid the Iranian government from toppling the Maliki regime, according to Trump during the Sadam regime there were no terrorists in Iraq now he claims the country is swarmed with terrorist whose aim is to attack US interest. Moreover he quoted what Bin Laden said before 9/11 that he will bankrupt America.

Here is my prediction if Trump was to run for President all of the present guys that want to run on the republican ticket will never stand a chance, and Trump will be the nominee of the Republican Party, and will run against Obama. Since Trump is not part of the political establishment and may upset China the darling of Corporate America, for it is China and India that offered them cheap labor, they are fed up paying American workers $20.00 an hour and have these workers live in big homes.

The main stream of America political news media will go out to destroy him by whatever means possible, he may even get assassinated.

Trump, in preparation for his run, is rushing a book to be written by Trump as to where America is going wrong, and his plan that will turn America from decline to prosperity.

As to the book it is important since Hitler used his book also Chairman Mao red book, these books plays a strong part in electing the two Tyrants. That does not suggest that Trump is a Tyrant, I believe with his business acumen he may, if elected turn America around to prosperity.

Here below is what an American soldier fighting in Afghanistan wrote; allow me to shed some light for some of you who do not understand why the U.S. military is still in Iraq and Afghanista­n. I believe most people are getting confused by term "War", the problem being we are not actually at war with another country's military but rather an idea. The War on Terror is exactly like the War on Drugs. The Two are ongoing operations that will never end so long as there are drugs and terrorism.

The misconcept­ion is that the U.S. is fighting a country which is not true. The truth is that in Afghanista­n and Iraq the U.S. military is combating terrorism which probably makes up for less than 1% of the population­. It is unfortunat­e that news never shows how much good that we have done and still do for them. These people now have schools, electricity­, roads, and more that they have never had before. Some people would argue that we should be putting that money into the U.S. (and I would probably agree with you) but that’s a different topic on its own. I just hope that people understand that we are fighting an idea more than anything and it is always going to be an ongoing effort so long as there is terrorism.

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