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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Joseph Foster & Carville agree: Bleak Job Picture

By Joseph Foster
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America job losses.
Carville: Job Losses Add Up to ‘Very Rough’ 2012 for Obama
Unless the bleak job market improves soon, both the country and President Barack Obama will suffer the consequences, star Democratic strategist James Carville told Don Imus Monday on the Fox Business Network. If widespread unemployment persists, “we’re going to start to see some civil unrest in this country,” Carville predicted.

The above news item has prompted me to make my comments on the bleak job picture America is facing today, did anyone in Washington ever consider that when you De Industrialize America you will have increase in unemployment permanently.

Please do not believe that the recession began in 2008, it began when our politicians decided to support Globalization of trade that is titled towards hiring low paid workers abroad.

The De Industrialization of America began when that Chinese genius politician, statesman Deng Xiaoping created a free market economy, the US signed on because on their mind they remain afflicted with fear of communism, and embraced the idea, without giving serious consideration as to the long term impact it may have on the US employment 

Are the American people losing faith in the U.S. economy?  The statistics that you are about to read might surprise you.  Not everyone believes that the U.S. economy is dying (there are still millions out there that will swallow anything that the mainstream media tells them), but the reality is that there is a growing chunk of the population that has completely lost faith in our leaders and in our economic system.  A brand new Gallup poll has found that the number of Americans that believe that we are in a “depression” is actually larger than the number of Americans that believe that the economy is “growing”.  That is absolutely shocking because according to official government figures, the U.S. economy is growing right now and virtually nobody in the mainstream media or the government has used the term “depression” to describe the economic downturn that we went through recently.  In fact, according to Gallup a total of 55% of the American people believe that we are either in a recession or a depression right now. 

This is clear evidence that the American people are losing faith in U.S. government economic statistics and instead they are basing their opinions on what they see in their own communities.  Despite the pabulum about an “economic recovery” constantly being spewed by Ben Bernanke and Barack Obama, faith in our economic system continues to decline.  The truth is that the American people are not stupid.  They can see what is happening to the economy.

McDonald’s made headlines when they held a National Hiring Day.  Some commentators pointed to that event as evidence that the economy was recovering. Well, you know what?  McDonald’s ended up receiving approximately one million applications. So how many of those people did McDonald’s hire? They hired about 62,000 people. That means that somewhere around 938,000 eager job applicants were turned away. Just think about that. Only about 6.2 percent of those that applied for a job at McDonald’s were accepted.

Americans wake up stop electing professional politicians of either party start thinking of electing successful business people. Stop sending jobs to China and other countries... -Joe