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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Joseph Foster: Dallas to Miami - On the Road

Joseph Foster
My Eye on America: On the Road from Dallas to Miami
My five days journey covered Texas, Louisiana, Mississipi, Alabama, and Georgia. In past journeys during America prosperity, Hotels and Motels along the highways I covered are by   7 PM for the most part fully booked, now based on my observation vacancy factor exceed 50% The American consumer with declining wages, high gas prices and decline in the value of their homes has impacted the leisure Industry.

On my many encounter with people in several of the States I sensed a deeper sense of frustration and anger, people no longer refer to themselves as either Democrat or Republicans both political parties are for the most part tainted with negative comment, and the people believe they are being deceived by politicians from both parties.

When I asked a person I encountered in Mississippi and asked him about the job market his response was depression, here is what he said I once earned $80K now I am out of a job and cannot find a job that pays me $30K he said American employers no longer want to pay American wages that was achieved by the American workers of the past, their zest is for low paid workers from third world countries that migrate to America by legal and illegal means.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel with a deficit in the budget in the range of two trillions both political parties have no answers how the correction in our budget may be made. Sad to say some economist are predicting that perhaps in the year 2012 the US economy may slip into a double recession. Our political system in Washington is no longer functioning for the good of the country. The lobbyist system has become very strong and has a grip on our government for it is this group that fight for special interest, that interest does not take into account the overall good or bad for the country. I sense the seed of an American revolution has been planted and when such revolution will begin is hard to predict. Obama prior to being elected promised the American people change that change has not occurred. The Chinese with their pockets bulging with dollars are now on a shopping spree searching to buy western business.

Human labor has put automated high tech car wash out of business.
In the UK prior to the Russians withdrawing from Eastern Europe car washing was done by the most part by automated drive thru car wash machines that require no employees. After the withdrawal by the Russians from eastern Europe and the enlargement of the EEC countries massive low paid workers by the millions moved to western Europe where there was high employment. Over 3.5 million polish citizens moved to the UK. Polish entrepreneurs created a car wash business all done by hand, these enterprise sprung across the entire UK it is estimated that over 100,000 hand car wash business was established, each hand car wash business employs anywhere from four to six employees, they perform a car wash superior to that of machines and offer lower prices than the automated car wash facilities. The losers of such enterprise is the Automated car wash business, moreover such loss  has impacted on the profit made by the oil companies, as to me I have no sympathy for the oil companies that sucks the consumer pockets from money. In terms of employment the hand car wash on best estimate has created in excess of 400,000 jobs. In time the concept of hand car wash will spread across America and create employment for the unemployed and low paid workers.

UK has the most restrictive laws as to Land use in the world, and will never on a large scale re zone Agriculture land for massive housing development for this reason the UK continues to be short of housing, and property values has not dropped dramatically, the shortage has also caused housing rents to rise dramatically, moreover with over five million migrant workers moving from eastern Europe to the UK, it has created a new housing enterprise for the Eastern Europeans here is how it works.

A polish lady entrepreneur will rent a five bedroom home and occupy the master bedroom, she will then rent each of the bedroom to a low paid worker, the income she receives will be sufficient to pay her Landlord the monthly rent, she then becomes known as the Land lady. By such method the Land lady lives free of rent, if she is more creative she may end up making a profit after making her monthly rent payment to the Landlord. The land lady is a tenant of the property owner, as to the room renter they are the tenant of the Land lady. Her tenants pay rent by the week the cost per room may range from $300.00 up to $400.00 per month, Kitchen and bathroom is shared by all of the residents of the home. A large refrigerator is shared and each tenant is assigned a space in the refrigerator.

UK major property web site reports June 2011 records the sixth consecutive monthly rise in UK housing prices, with overall gain of 8.1% this year compared to 7.4% in the first half of 2010.