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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Seeing Red, How America is Losing the Future by Joseph Foster

Hello everyone, Joseph Foster’s new book is nearly ready for publishing release. The release date is set for January 10, 2012.  Here is some information about this important book. -Bob

How America is Losing the Future
by Joseph Foster

America is the greatest country in the world—or at least it was. How do nations fall? What makes a country, once powerful over the world economy, slip into financial disaster and lose its dominance? Author, economist, and legal scholar, Joseph Foster tries to point to the causes of America's demise.

Having lived in colonial Ghana and communist Russia, traveled to Europe's greatest nations, and stood as a citizen witness to America's economic failures, Foster knows something about our nation's predicament—and he's mad about it. We export our manufacturing labor at a great cost to American workers. We've let financial markets run wild, and therefore let them run our country into the ground. We're fighting wars we can't pay for. And we're voting for politicians won't do a thing to change any of it.

Seeing Red: How America is Losing the Future tells us how third world countries are rising from America's problems and outsourcing of jobs. China and India are gaining prominence and taking American jobs. Russia is only waiting for its chance. Seeing Red tells us why we should be angry, and who we should be angry at. This book is an exercise in citizenship, and a call to attention for anyone fed up with America not doing its best. 252 pages - $18.99 (paperback)

This book is also available for purchase as an eBook download for $9.99 (digital download).

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