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Friday, January 20, 2012

Joseph Foster, Author of "Seeing Red"

Joseph Foster, Author, ''Seeing Red''   January 20, 2012

To my son in Law and Linda my daughter and my Grandson Christopher, and Justin and my granddaughter Kayle and my good friend Bob Lupoli who inspired me to write my book ‘’Seeing Red’
My long journey to get the message of my book to the good people of America has begun it will take time and hard work by all of the good people to join me to change America for the good for its entire people and not for the few.
That Montana cattle rancher that hires Americans at American wages has to compete with a rancher that hires Argentinean workers for half the wages paid to his American workers in the name of Globalization of trade. His business is about to be destroyed, and when he protest to his senator or congressman his protest receives no attention, well folks that is what is going wrong with America. When you call customer service the Americans that once responded have been fired and replaced by Indian workers in India, which is not right either.
The enemies of my book are those afflicted with the disease of envy;  others are the CEO that by hiring cheap labor other than Americans, has seen their salaries zoomed up wards in the millions. The UK press refer to these CEO as fat cats.        Our politicians remain silent for it is Corporate America that feeds their life line with mega bucks.
I have begun to receive E-mail form those that bought my book all were complimentary and are willing to ‘’Stand up for America’’ one such was written by a 17 year old and here is what he said in quote. In time I shall respond to this young man letter.
Hello Mr. Foster,
If i may, i have a few questions for you regarding your book and your life in general. I'm not a reporter, not a journalist, and not  government official.  I'm a 17 year old kid who wonders what happened to our constitution. 
I hear my dad talking about how the government is corrupt and how a 10 year old managed to figure out the bloodline of nearly every president is related save for 2.  I believe him, but he told me to find out for myself.  He told me to look it up, and talk to someone who knows more about it.  Your entry on was the third option on google when i searched. 
Question 1:  Suppose we still do have the Right given to us by the constitution that if the people see that the government is not fit to govern, then we have the right to abolish it and start anew.  How would we go about that?  Granted we also have the freedom of speech, religion, and press (given our first amendment), but it seems the government has taken those away too.   The only right we really still have left is the 2nd Amendment, right to bear arms.  And now, the government is trying to take THAT away.  We have no rights, and the country has put on the mask of democracy, while the real face is that of Neo-Capitalist, or even pressing socialist.  The government is corrupt, that much is obvious, but what is there to do? 
Question 2:  I've always said my life would lead to the military, based on the fact that i'll do anything to protect my friends and family.  Given i still want to fight for them, what do i do now?  i don't want to fight for a corrupt country that spends its time weaving it's way into other countries, pumping out it's resources, then trying to "modernize" it.  Plus, what happened when we took Iran/Iraq's oil?  Our gas prices went up.  The government has it's own store of oil, so why do we keep taking it from other countries?  On top of that, every bit of oil we receive, the prices go up, not down. 
I'm a Life Scout in the BSA and i've always been taught to "pledge to the U.S., pledge to the flag".  Given i have the right, i don't say the Pledge of Allegiance anymore because i don't believe in our country anymore.  Some call me unpatriotic, and un-american.  I say to them "damn right i'm not patriotic because i won't pledge myself to a country that doesn't protect it's own people, when 30%+ is BELOW the poverty line".  People ask me all the time why i don't like the government, and why i don't say the pledge, and i find myself repeating a lot of the things my dad tells me about.   I just want to find out for myself and believe in something that i looked for, not leeched from my family.  I believe in Scouting, but in every area i look, i don't see the true value of the Scouts, nor the true values of the country. 
Just trying to get my own take on this, and trying to find someone who knows about it and has tried to share it.  Also, WATCH OUT, remember the indefinite detention bill. Funny how it was passed on the 220th anniversary of the Bill of Rights
Jason S.
P.S. a quick reply would be ideal, but whenever you can find the time

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