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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Joseph Foster: US Political Campaign

Joseph Foster, author of "Seeing Red" 

When a country such as the US begins to fall it is difficult to reverse that fall. Today you have political leaders from both political parties running for the office of the President of the US; their major agenda is mud swinging at each other; none are qualified to reverse the decline of the US. Unfortunately the many competent persons in the US to turn America around are not running for political office.

The Western countries lead by the United States have accelerated their demise they fail to react when they lost the monopoly in manufacturing, their immediate gratification was great let’s get rid of our home workers and move our manufacturing to countries that will offer us skilled labor cheaper than as an example an American or British worker. Moreover the majority of its politicians has become corrupt and no longer serves the interest of the majority of its population. They are now swayed by special interest group.

The UK and many of the western countries including the USA will continue to decline, the west has lost the monopoly in manufacturing, my compassion goes to those that are desperately seeking a job and unable to find one, Please blame the politicians that you have elected.

The term used by many voters we the people that vote elect politicians, is correct, however the world of politics has changed, today it is big business and big money that controls the political agenda. The influx of millions of the poor to the UK is welcomed by major corporations that applies also to the US the Bastion of Capitalism, In fact major business leaders wants Turkey to be admitted to the EEC it has an unemployment rate in excess of 20% Turkish labor may be obtained to work below UK minimum wage.

Big business loves cheap labor for this reason the west is becoming De Industrialize and in time western countries will become an Agriculture based economy, as they were before the Industrial revolution. Now you may ask how will change come about, it will come about when the country has been reduced to poverty and millions have become unemployed right now the number of unemployed in the UK is around 3 million, As to the U.S. it is perhaps 25 million.

Russia and China has won the cold War the removal of the iron curtain has unleashed the influx of the poor that were trapped behind the iron curtain, that influx of millions of poor people have found their way to western countries. As to China that genius Deng Zao Peng opened China into becoming a free market economy and by doing so China became a magnet for western Industry to move to China to take advantage of a skilled labor that works for low wages. Our Industrialists began to laugh all the way to the Bank their profits zoomed up wards, and the corporate officers of these Western Companies salaries, and bonus is now in the millions. Well folks these are the guys that control the politics in London and Washington, DC, USA. You may scream and protest but nothing will change, it never changed in Russia or China during its capitalist era, until a revolution started and succeeded, when it did all of the fat cats assets were seized and many were killed.

By Joseph Foster, Author ‘’Seeing Red’’ ‘How America is losing the future’ released on January 10, 2012 available  in all US book stores and Amazon UK and US. Visit my blog; 

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