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Monday, January 23, 2012

Mitt's Perfection Problem

Joe:  on the Politico website there is an interesting observation about Mitt's inability to connect with the GOP base. This guy, Pat Griffin (who may be a Newt supporter, I don't know) has an interesting observation about Romney being, sort of too perfect. I am more interested in the Diraeli quote. Please also read my comment on the too perfect phenomenon.
Mitt Romney faces a perfect mess
Americans may prefer politicians with visible flaws—outsized appetites and messy scandals like Gingrich and Bill Clinton—or at least with twisting and improbable personal journeys. Of the past two presidents, George W. Bush had two decades of drift and excess before finding direction, and Barack Obama described his own history of alienation and painful searching that preceded his political success.

By these lights, human frailties are the new political norm, and the every-hair-in-place smoothness of Romney's political persona, combined with his wealth, that comes off as insular and even odd.

“Redemption is far better box office than perfection,” said New Hampshire GOP strategist Pat Griffin.  “We can all relate to redemption.  Very few people can look at the perfectly coiffed Romneys, all good posters for oral hygiene, and say, ‘That’s me!”

As National Review editor Rich Lowry wrote last year, Romney’s too-good-to-be-true persona brings to mind what British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli said of his counterpart William Gladstone: “He had not a single redeeming defect.”

While in the USAF I remember telling my supervisor to, “f-bomb off”. Next thing I know I’ve got a shaved head and I’m in military police custody. Wasn’t much fun, my mouth got me in trouble. I had to meet the 1st Sgt (top enlisted admin. person for the unit). I said, I’ve made a change, I’ll correct my behavior and I actually had. I expressed some disappointment, I said well - I guess I’ll never make rank now. He responded with, you may be surprised to know that most 1st Sgt’s were rebels and have been in trouble, some in serious trouble. I thought one had to be perfect to make rank, he assured me it wasn’t so. Failure is apart of life, what we do after is what counts. Perfection is good, in fact it’s great, but failure isn’t always the end or death that it truly feels like. -Bob

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