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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

America First - Obama an Islamist Firster?

Joe: below Charles Hurt is labeling Obama as an “Islamist Firster” a loaded term an a pejorative. I was just thinking... what does it mean to be a "Christian Firster" or "Mormon Firster", I thought I would try these out. They all don’t seem to capture what the office of the presidency is about. The US president and government shouldn’t be about America First – this rings true. So given even that one could regard the “Islamist Firster” as a neutral or even positive term, it is not favorable for the U.S. president. My sense is Obama is a Liberal/Progressive Firster, and not the America First, president we truly need. –Bob

HURT: ‘Islamist Firster’ president not what he claimed
The Washington Times

...As for the rest of the world, Mr. Obama promised to devote himself to healing the grave injustices and halting the atrocities that have afflicted the world since the rise of radical, violent jihadism. With his Muslim roots, Mr. Obama was positioned better than any leader on the global stage to speak with authority to radical Islamists and finally bring about permanent peace.

Instead, Mr. Obama chose to unilaterally alienate perhaps our most strategically important ally in the world and do all he can to cozy up to the very people who are dedicated to destroying not only Israel, but America as well.

Leading Democrats have been in the news lately sliming Americans who stick up for Israel as being “Israel Firsters.” Well, Mr. Obama has become an “Islamist Firster.”

Since becoming president, he has not once visited our greatest ally in the region. Rather, he has gone to places like Cairo to tell the Muslim world how much he likes it. He also stunningly trashed the oath of office he took by saying it is “part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

And, of course, he apologized for the “sexuality” and “mindless violence” from the West permeating the Internet. But Internet porn and creepy videos are little match for virginity tests, stoning women and beheading Jews — all for the fun of it.

It will be a very complicated situation because the most powerful man in the last remaining superpower on the planet is an Islamist Firster.
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  1. I identify myself as a Christian before being an American, or being a Luheran, Anglican,Mormon, etc. If that makes me a Christian firster then I fully embrace that label

    1. And so what kind of Christian Firster President would you be? There are credible claims that Hitler was also a Christian;'s_religious_views

      How about Andrew Jackson, the American President responsible for many American Indian deaths and the Trail of Tears.

      I’m all for anyone believing in whatever faith they may have, to me in the position of American President the welfare of the American People, as a whole and upholding the constitution should be the “first” priority not the faith. This is the job in my view – whatever faith. -Bob