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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is our Government a "Mafia Democracy"?

Joe:  this seems like an interesting book to me. Some cities have been operating with criminal elements and corruption for a long time. City agencies too, like the LA Coliseum. The government has replaced the Mafia and makes underhanded payments, etc.
Coliseum officials made $1 million in cash payments to union,0,2546565.story

Mafia Democracy: What Happens When the Government Turns Thug
Mafia Democracy
By Michael Franzese
Availabe February 15

Former mobster Michael Franzese looks at the American political scene and says, “Hey, I know these guys.” Mafia Democracy is a powerful expos√©, revealing in shocking detail how American government increasingly operates with the mindset, strategy, and tactics of the American Mob.

There are only two ways to get what you want. You can make it, or you can take it. The first is lawful, and government is empowered to protect the makers from the takers. But what if the government turns taker too?

You’re already watching it happen. Our elected and appointed officials in Washington, D.C., and state houses across the land are adopting a style of governing that eerily resembles that of the American Mafia, also known as La Cosa Nostra, “This Thing of Ours.”

In Mafia Democracy, Michael Franzese reveals in vivid detail how our leaders are turning a government “by the people and for the people” into a government that our leaders run as if it were the Mob—a thing of theirs and not the people’s, a syndicate, a racket.

Mafia Democracy exposes the similarities between the state and the crooks: the mindset, the arrogance, even the tactics (intimidation, deception, and worse). Mafia Democracy is a book for people who want their government back, who want a government of the people, not “This Thing of Ours.”

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