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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Joseph Foster: I'm Seeking A Marketing & Sales Executive

By Joseph Foster, Author ‘’Seeing Red’’ ‘How America is losing the future’
Announcing a business opportunity to promote and sell my book. See below and apply at CareerBuilder with the link below.

Marketing Executive

Marketing Executive wanted for a unique opportunity to join The Author of a book titled  ...’Seeing Red’ ‘America is losing the future’ Possibility of earning in excess of $150 K annually.

My new book, ‘’Seeing Red’’ provides insight on the ‘’Destruction of America.’’ America is self-destructing through both political parties; they have both abandoned the middle class and are now swayed by corporate and other special interest groups. ‘’Seeing Red’’ is an advocate for all working Americans. The book contains my perspective on America’s role in the world from having lived in Communist Russia and Colonial Ghana which readers have found interesting and entertaining. In “Seeing Red" I’m saying why we should be angry and who we should be angry at. Your purchase will be appreciated and help me reach Washington.

The book is now available worldwide at all major book stores. Stand Up For America! -J. Foster

Published by Tate Publisher and Enterprises

The candidate for this job has to be politically motivated; he must have the ability to sell the book supported by the Author at political events. Book fair through the US. The unemployed that have lost their jobs due to outsourcing, or those that Globalization has caused their wages to be considered too high when compared to emerging market wage level. The middle class that have seen their income decline and falling into becoming the underclass.

Job Seminars to be held in various cities throughout the US for the purpose of attracting political activist to be engaged in selling the book, or others that are unemployed that need to earn some money in the sale of the book.

Another avenue have Labor organization or major political candidates allow me to be a guest speaker at their event and during that event the book may be sold to the audience of that event.

The sale of the book may be made based on the fact that the purchase shall go towards a good cause by promoting  among our politicians the concept of creating a trade policy that will be a win for Corporate America and its workers. America trade policy shall be focused on hiring Americans and not the present preferred choice Chinese and others abroad.

During this seminar a single book may be sold for $11.95 those that want to buy additional copies for resale may purchase additional copies at $8.50.

At this meeting we invite any one that wants to help our effort in Standing up for America to become a political activist in their community, and become a seller of the book, made available to such activist at a wholesale price of $8.50 and to be retailed by the political activist at $11.95 We shall be telling the political activist that while you protest why not make money to cover your basic expenses.

Niche marketing is the sale of the book by the Author outside book stores and Internet marketing; therefore I am free to sell the book direct to the public at political rally or event, book fair in all 50 states. As the Author I have the right to purchase the book for $7.00 directly from Tate, then sell the book direct to the public at $11.95 a gain of $4.95 per book. The person that will be employed or partner with will be rewarded as follows: I shall meet all travel expense including lodging and gasoline, he or she will provide his or her personal car for transportation. 50% of the $4.95 gain will be mine and the other to the person involved in this endeavor.  I believe the sale of the book will be high since the book touches the well-being politically of the working folks of America. The percentage to the Author may be reduced in favor of the job applicant depending on the volume of the sale of the book.

At $4.95 profit on each book assuming 100,000 is sold in one year the gain will be $495,000 on the low side of 50,000 nationwide the gain will be $247,500 a  share of the take will be $123,750 in one year based on the sale of 50,000 copies,  make money while having fun travelling the US coast to coast  and  meeting all sort of people, moreover could sell the book at union gathering event,  where I will ask to be a guest speaker, or we may latch on to a strong political candidates that shares my political views and is running during the 2012 election year. After a stint of travel, break of two to three weeks may be taken.

The financial reward to the applicant, he or she must provide transportation, I will pay for gas, food, hotel and other travel expenses, At the inception of the job all gain from the sale of the book shall go to the applicant when the earning has reached $2000.00 prior to the end of a calendar month the excess income shall then be split to 50% to the job applicant and the Author.

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