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Friday, February 17, 2012

Pat Buchanan - Silenced!

Joseph Foster, Author ‘’Seeing Red’’ ‘How America is losing the future’
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Bob:  My response to the news item below, the dropping of Pat Buchanan and Lou Dobbs as CNN anchor news announcer to me violates the first Amendment of the US constitution; it is part of the bill of rights. Pat was expressing his views some may agree and others may disagree, those that do not agree should not silence Pat or others as long as their views is not inciting hate or advocating violence.

Lou Dobbs was against our policy of open borders and the De-Industrialization of America, Pat is saying the same thing, except what Pat is saying to maintain the US culture and retain our edge in technology we shall be attracting immigrants to the US that will benefit America in the long term. The newly elected UK conservative Government has recently made changes to the UK immigration policy, it began to reduce the number of immigrants that do not have sufficient education to enter the UK, It has an open arms to all immigrants regardless of their race or national origin to come to the UK as long as they have higher education and talent, It has been said that highly talented and educated people contribute to the future growth of the UK. Many of these UK immigrants are coming from India some are Doctors, Engineers, and Scientists, teachers, chemist and other field of high learning. The US in the last 30 years has been attracting millions of uneducated illegal immigrants into the country, in the name of cheap labor.

I noticed in the DFW area hundreds of day workers gather to be picked up for a day’s work performing unskilled work, for those that may label me as a racist they are wrong. In my book I have written a chapter, titled, ‘’The Evil of Discrimination’’ and condemned the US policy of discrimination prior to the civil right act signed by LBJ in 1964. -Joe

NEW YORK — MSNBC dropped conservative commentator Pat Buchanan on Thursday, four months after suspending him following the publication of his latest book.

The book "Suicide of a Superpower" contained chapters titled "The End of White America" and "The Death of Christian America." Critics called the book racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic, charges Buchanan denied.

MSNBC President Phil Griffin said last month that he didn't think Buchanan's book "should be part of the national dialogue, much less part of the dialogue on MSNBC."

The network said on Thursday that "after 10 years, we have decided to part ways with Pat Buchanan. We wish him well."

Buchanan, in a column posted on Thursday, called the decision "an undeniable victory for the black listers."

The former GOP candidate had seemed increasingly out of place on MSNBC as it emphasized liberal commentary in recent years. But he kept a regular presence, even forging an unlikely chemistry with talk show host Rachel Maddow despite disagreeing on most issues.

Buchanan wrote that advocacy groups like Color of Change and the Anti-Defamation League brand people as racists or anti-Semites if they dare "to venture outside the narrow corral in which they seek to confine debate." They seek to silence and censor dissent while proclaiming devotion to the First Amendment, he said. exists to strengthen Black America's political voice. Our goal is to empower our members - Black Americans and our allies - to make government more responsive to the concerns of Black Americans and to bring about positive political and social change for everyone.

"I know these blacklisters," he wrote. "They operate behind closed doors, with phone calls, mailed threats and off-the-record meetings. They work in the dark because, as Al Smith said, nothing un-American can live in the sunlight."

Charles Johnson of the political blog Little GreenFootballs, a frequent critic of Buchanan, called the column "monumentally whiny." © 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

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