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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Iran and War: Don't Rush!

Joseph Foster, Author ‘’Seeing Red’’ ‘How America is losing the future’

I support the comments in the Article written below by an outstanding journalist;
Those that beat the drums of war and rush to war in my opinion are irresponsible, they forget the tragic mistake of rush to war as to the Iraq fiasco and the unfounded fear of WMD none were found after the invasion. I do not equate Chamberlain appeasement of Hitler with the Iran crisis.

Iran is not on the march invading other countries. Intensive diplomacy in time will convince Iran that it is in their National interest that they do not develop nuclear weapons. The supreme leader of Iran has made a statement that it is against his religion to kill massive of innocent people in a war since nuclear bomb damage is not confined to your opponent Army. Iran has repeatedly told the west that it does not want to develop nuclear weapons. If they prove to have lied their first bomb will give us justification to wage a war against Iran and the world based on such evidence will support our move. I believe if we were to have the leaders of Iran invited to the white house and give these leaders some respect and attention it may break the deadlock in the negotiations.

Joseph Foster, Author ‘’Seeing Red’’ ‘How America is losing the future’
Stand Up For America! – Seeing Red;

Excerpts from a long essay on Iran that is behind Time magazine's pay wall:
What if Iran does manage to develop a couple of crude nukes in several years? Obama says a nuclear Iran would set off an arms race in the Middle East. But a nuclear North Korea has not led the two countries directly threatened by its weapons - South Korea and Japan - to go nuclear. Saudi Arabia and Egypt did not go nuclear in response to Israel's developing a large and robust arsenal of nuclear weapons....

Obama has explained that a nuclear Iran would be a problem like India and Pakistan with their nuclear weapons. But India and Pakistan went to war three times in 30 years before they had nuclear weapons. Since they went nuclear, they have been restrained and have not fought a war in 40 years. That case shows the stabilizing, not destabilizing, effects of deterrence. If Israel genuinely believes that deterrence doesn't work in the Middle East, why does it have a large nuclear arsenal if not to deter its enemies?
Iran's weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists, says the President. But would a country that has labored for decades to pursue a nuclear program and suffered huge sanctions and costs to do so then turn around and give the fruits of its efforts to a gang of militants?

Meanwhile, Joe Cirincione, a veteran nuclear proliferation analyst and president of the Ploughshares Fund, a global security group, says in an interview, "Predictions about the end of the world have only a slightly worse track record than predictions about Iran getting a nuclear bomb."

Every year, for the last twenty years, some fool has been saying that Iran is going to get a bomb within six months or a year. You hear people talking about that now, but it’s not true. The best intelligence, according to the US intelligence community and our top military officials, concludes that Iran has not yet decided to make a bomb. If Iran did decide to make a bomb and went all out, it would take them about six months to a year to make the material for one bomb the highly enriched uranium. It would take them another six months or so to fashion that into a crude devise, and it would take them another year or two to be able to fashion that into a warhead to put on a missile for delivery. They are somewhere between eighteen months and three years from having a weapon that could be delivered by missile, and at least a year, maybe three, from having any kind of weapon at all if they decide to do so.

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